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As a 100% Belgian and independent post-production studio, we are a passionate collective with over a decade of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the art of post-production. The word "Sonder" encapsulates our belief in the realization that everyone has a unique story, and at Sondr, we are here to bring those stories to life.

The Firebrands / Les Indociles is a 5 episodes series, created by Joanne Giger, Camille Rebetez and Delphine Lehericey.
Lulu, Chiara and Joe are on the verge of adulthood and dream of a world of freedom and equality. With the hippie wave everywhere, they see how their conservative village is lost among drugs, seeing the damage of excess and addiction. Lulu, Chiara and Joe form an unbreakable friendship. In the span of four decades, they will manage to free themselves from the shackles of society and create a community and a visionary safe haven. The trio will spend their lives side by side while trying to build a world worth living for.
Festivals: Festival de la Fiction - La Rochelle and Geneva International Film Festival.

Director: Delphine Lehericey
Production: Box Productions and RTS
Co-Production: Entre Chien et Loup
Co-producer: Sebastien Delloye
Post producer: Annick Pippelart
Vfx: Annelies Vaes


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