A Greek beach on a sunny day. All of a sudden, a small dinghy boat crammed with fifty refugees lands on the beach and its passengers start running through a crowd of stunned tourists. This disturbing scene shapes the destinies of many characters: a Nigerian on the run, a Greek security guard haunted by guilt, a French camp owner caught up in the upheaval, a German couple hosting a secretive refugee, a Syrian family taking a fresh start but soon to be tormented by their past.

Director: Dominik Moll
Production: Arte
Created by: Edward Berger, Nele Mueller-Stöfen, Marianne Wendt

Grading: Peter Bernaers
Post-production coordination: Annick Pippelart, Sophie Schyns
Post-production supervisor: Arnout Deurinck
Credits: Annelies Vaes

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